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Fictional Frontiers with Sohaib - (Episode 131)

1. Greg Pak – Writer on Marvel Comics’ The Incredible Hulk, 2011’s Silver Surfer mini-series, and Pak Man Productions’ Vision Machine

2. Nathan Edmondson – Co-creator of Image Comics’ Who is Jake Ellis?

3. David Liss – Author of the best-selling historical novel The Whiskey Rebels and Marvel Co

Posted 01/10/2011 02:52 AM

Fictional Frontiers with Sohaib (Episode 1)

a. TORn (www.theonering.net) – bi-monthly segment with co-founder, Chris Pirrotta

b. Greg Pak: writer of The Incredible Hercules and The Incredible Hulk

Posted 06/08/2008 11:56 AM