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Fictional Frontiers with Sohaib (Episode 58) - Part I

1. Larry Hama- Legendary author and creator of G.I.Joe

2. Dan DiDio – Editor-in-Chief of DC Comics

3. Catherine Taber – Actress and voice talent behind Padme Amidala in Cartoon Network’s Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Posted 08/10/2009 09:41 AM

Fictional Frontiers with Sohaib (Episode 20)

1. Dan Didio, Editor-in-Chief of DC Comics

2. Matthew Gratzner, co-founder of visual effects leader, New Deal Studios

Posted 10/19/2008 12:45 PM

Fictional Frontiers with Sohaib (Episode 19)

1. Jim Shooter – writer on DC Comics’ Legion of Super-Heroes, Marvel Comics’ Secret Wars I and II, and former Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief

2. Sterling Gates – writer on DC Comics’ Supergirl

3. James Robinson – writer on DC Comics’ Superman

4. Daryl Gregory – author of Del Rey Publishing’s s

Posted 10/13/2008 03:08 PM

Fictional Frontiers with Sohaib (Episode 11)

a. Dave Bullock – director of Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series

b. Joshua Dysart – writer of BPRD: 1946 by Dark Horse Comics

c. Darwyn Cooke and Dave Stewart – Eisner Award Winning creators of Justice League: the New Frontier by DC Comics

d. TORn (www.theonering.net)

Posted 08/17/2008 05:49 PM